I started this thinking I would take non-models and make them look like models. I succeeded. Bravo, encore? No, because that method isn’t accomplishing the goal. The look and feel of my portfolio is one of a local artist or photographer. Yet I crave a worldly look to my photos. Progress leaves me content which for me is not happy or proud. To clarify it’s definitely not the models fault. I have shot with some beautiful women and have had fun doing so. My passion for photography derived from a sensual place in my soul, a discipline that has grown my soul. You can actually see how shallow of a person I was when I started just by looking through my photos. Content, not happy. Progress, yet in the wrong direction. 

I recently had the opportunity to shoot with Airahseli Chavez, and it was a breath of fresh air. Finally a model instead of a mannequin. Personality was oozing from her pores. I became a spectator and fan instantly. Of course I played it cool, but it opened my eyes. The reason you work with models. Why there is a distinct difference between professional and amateur. 

Since then I have been, lets say, extremely selective with who I shoot with. Starting this December goals will be set and accomplished and fortunately will no longer be comfortable or content.